Valentine's Day Classic Makeup Tutorial | 2018

Hi loves,

This is my version of the Classic Valentine's Day Makeup Look.

I wanted to keep this look quite modern, glowy/natural looking skin, defined eyes and a classic red lip. This look is all about looking like yourself, just a slightly sexier version. I've been into really natural looking skin, I'm over heavy makeup, because the way I see it is...your skin is beautiful so let it shine through!

Ok so onto the makeup: I love the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Gel Crème because the coverage is buildable but looks like you aren't wearing anything on your skin. It looks incredibly natural. For any blemishes I use a concealer to cover those little suckers up! I loved using Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow for my bronzer and highlighter, the bronzer gives you a matte soft contour that makes your cheekbones stand out (hello Giselle) and the highlighter gives the most beautiful candlelight glow.

Let me know what you think about it below. Are you are red lip V'day kinda gal or more of a nude lip gal? I think I'd have to say I'm still a red lip gal! It's tradition after all!

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