VIBRANT BLOSSOMS: Floral Tea Dress-Summer Outfit Inspiration

                                                       'Everyday day is for flowers'

There is something I feel is so feminine yet casuals about wearing a floral tea dress. With the arrival of summer; floral seems to be the trend of the season. This year I have seen a lot of bright floral dresses and I can say I am really embracing it. As for fashion it is said what you wear reflects your personality and your mood so for the days when I want to lift my mood I feel there is something about a bright floral dress to tell the whole world YES GIRL lets do this!. OK...well maybe the people that I see in the grocery store!

Flattering. That is the one word I would describe the classic floral tea dress. It wraps around to cinch you in at the waist, has a beautiful frill neckline and flows over your lower half of the body to create a beautiful silhouette. It's the ultimate modern- feminine dress that is practical for the summer heat (especially here in Australia! ) and can be wore casually during the day with sandals or dressed up in the evening with a pair of heels.

                         In case you are wondering....I bought mine from Pretty Little Thing

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