Holiday Palette Edition: Bobbi Brown Caviar & Rubies Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Caviar and Rubies Holiday Eyeshadow palette

Oh my Bobbi Brown. Talk about luxury in an eyeshadow palette. Tiss the season for giving and I'm sure whoever you receive this palette from will be in your good books all year round! Or if you play Santa this year and buy it for yourself, I wont judge you I promise! I bet you can already tell how excited I am about this palette, and I've been like that since my eyes first saw the Caviar And Rubies palette on the Bobbi Brown counter.

Anyway onto the good stuff, this limited edition festive eyeshadow palette from Bobbi Brown has nine neutral jewel-toned and gilded eyeshadows in matte, metallic and shimmer finishes. The formula is ultra smooth and blendable which allows you to create seamless and numerous eyeshadow looks this holiday season. It's perfect if you are like me and love to create a sultry smokey eye, then top it with a pop of glitter for a bit of festive fun. This palette has everything you need to do that and more!

Although it's a limited edition holiday palette, what I love about this is it's not just 'a fun for the holidays and leave it for next holidays kinda palette'  rather this palette will easily be wearable throughout the year for any special occasion or a touch of luxe for everyday. The shades are somewhat neautral and work really well together or alone creating multiple looks for both evening and day. The gilded light golden shade is what I like to call a sophisticate shimmer, its not that scary glitter you see in some festive palettes, rather a finely milled sparkle that ever so slightly captures the light under any party lighting. Most of the shadows are cool toned which I really like as a nice change between wearing my warm toned shadows. While I'm guilty of wearing warm eyeshadows way too much I believe that cool toned shadows if done right can look so sexy and sultry.

The Bobbi Brown Caviar & Rubies palette is available online (here) for $125

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