Bobbi Brown Evening Glow Palette: The one eyeshadow palette you need to have!

Bobbi Brown- Evening Glow Palette

Oh it's quite expensive, but for me it's been an absolute surprisingly useful palette for everyday. The Bobbi Brown Evening Glow Palette is a (despite the name) everyday warm basics matte eyeshadow palette with one champagne shimmer shade. I have been testing out a few of the Bobbi Brown Holiday palette this year and this has to be a strong favourite.

There is something so luxurious about the overall feel of this palette. The compact is burgundy and black , the design is practical and sleek enough to carry in your handbag without taking up hardly any space, and Yes! it has a rectangular mirror (you know for those times you apply makeup in the back seat of a Uber! ) If you are looking to spend a little more on just ONE eyeshadow palette ; it makes sense to do so on a neutral palette that you can wear everyday. The formula is smooth, blends like a dream and has just the right shades to create a smokey eye look for evening or go nice and natural for the daytime. I like that this palette contains all matte shades with one champagne shade to create a little more glow to your eyelids if needed.

It's funny because it's so simple yet so effective. Its just impressive!. I don't usually hype myself up about such standard shades because well let's be honest, so many brands do these type of neutral palettes. I think it would be absolutely perfect for the women who wants to enhance her eyes in a natural way at work with the lighter matte shades and then deepen the look with the darker brown and enhance with the champagne shade for evening nights out.

The Bobbi Brow Evening Glow Palette is available at Bobbi Brown online (here!) for $90

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