Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette: Easy Natural Makeup in 5 Minutes

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Face And Glow Palette In Natural Beauty

Oh Charlotte Tilbury.... how you come up with some of the most beautiful makeup. What I love about this palette and the concept of a lot of the products from the Charlotte Tilbury line is the emphasis on natural beauty that aims to make you look like the best version of you . A lot of makeup products and tutorials seen on social media and Instagram these days; whist pretty in pictures can be a bit harsh in real life and not so easy to create for every-day women so I think its genius that Charlotte Tilbury has created a 5 minute palette that is easy to use and makes women more confident about themselves though makeup. The Instant Look In A Palette really takes out all the hard work of choosing shades because I know as busy women we are always on the go- and makeup sometimes can be the last thing on our minds before we head out the door.

The Instant Look In a Palette is a face and cheek palette with two blushes, a bronzer, highlighter and three eyeshadows that all complement each other. The shades range from pink, champagne and neutral tones. Now if you are already familiar with the hero product from Charlotte Tilbury's line; the Bronze & Glow Palette the formula here is a little different; the bronzer in this palette is matte and is a slightly lighter shade, the highlighter is slightly more soft and subtle. All-in-all making it the perfect formula and shades for day-time wear.

There are so many palettes on the market now-days which can make it really hard for you to choose something that is natural and easy to apply. This has everything to create that look in one palette! Whist there are so many amazing palettes with beautiful pigmentation out there, I think that many of us want a more natural look, something that makes us look polished, well rested and glowing. That's why I like this concept so much, it literally takes all the guess work out for you. I know how hard it is to match your blush to your eyeshadow and Charlotte gives your that professional experience at home without having too try to hard.

The Instant Look In A Palette is available in 3 shades, Natural Beauty, Seductive Beauty and Beauty Glow at Net- A-Porter for $85 (HERE!)

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