Utowa Eye Lash Curler: Tips For Curling Straight Eye Lashes

UTOWA Eye Lash Curler

Many people have straight eyelashes or have eyelashes that are difficult to curl. There are many products out there that can help with curling your eyelashes from eyelashes curlers; mascara to more permanent option like eye lash perming. A lot of these products are fantastic but it is about finding the right product that suits your individual needs.

I have naturally quite straight eyelashes, what I find that works great for me is if I use an eyelash curler. I bought the UTOWA eyelash curler because I heard quite a lot about this product on photo shoots and also because its quite a famous Japanese brand that is well-known for making excellent eyelash curlers. Although it was about $40 I have found it has lasted me about three years and still going strong! It is simple to use (doesn’t pinch your eye) and the curl lasts all day long.

The benefits of curling your eyelashes?

Why would you want to curl your eyelashes you might ask??
Well, lets say you have just woken up and about to get ready for work and you feel and look tired; curling your eyelashes with a good eye lash curler instantly opens and awakens the eye area. It will change your whole eye look, creating a bigger brighter 'doll look' eye. If you find that your lashes drop even after curling them, apply a waterproof mascara instead of your normal mascara after curling them which will help hold them in place for longer.

Other  great quality eyelash curlers are

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The UTOWA Eye Lash  Curler is available for around $30 at Sephora

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