My Shop-able Christmas Gift Guide Under $50

This year I am doing something totally different with my Holiday Gift Guides. Are you ready for this?...... Where possible I am making it totally shop-able, yes that's right you don't need to go looking for the products yourself . I'll suggest them here and then click on them and away you go! Ahh technology just make things so much easier especially around the holiday time. With less than ten Mondays left until Christmas this gift guide is all under $50 and best of all its all dedicated to all the goodness and joy makeup and beauty brings at this time of the year; and for me all year round. So if you are looking for a gift under $50? Stop by here, make yourself a cup of coffee and have a look through my gift guide, I promise it wont bite! I'll also be adding to it over the next few weeks as I find good value makeup gift ideas; so be sure to come and visit me again!

-Click to the second page for page 2 of gifts

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