How To Remove Brassy Tones From Your Hair: Evo Fabuloso Intensifying Conditioner

EVO Fabuloso Intensifying Conditioner

I've been using the Evo Fabuloso Intensifying Conditioner on my hair for over a few months now and probably about two times per week. Gosh how things have changed since I have started using this little saviour! Whenever my hair starts to go brassy I will use this to tone down any warmth in my hair. I have noticed how well it works in doing that. It's the first conditioner that has really helped me with the un-wanted brassiness, so naturally I was pleasantly surprised in how well it was able to enhance my natural hair colour, be hydrating and most importantly not weigh my hair down.

I admit Fabuloso is pretty pricey when it comes to a conditioner. Using the Caramel shade on my light brown hair really works as it intensifies my natural hair colour, makes my hair look shiny and brings out subtle blonde highlights. It's so pretty!  I found out about this little DIY secret on a recent appointment with my hairdresser. I asked him about removing the warmer tones on the lengths of my hair without committing to dying my hair every six weeks and that's when he recommend the EVO Fabuloso Intensifying Conditioner in Caramel instead of dying my hair.

How do I use this you may ask? I leave Fabuloso on towel dried hair for three minutes (comb through evenly from roots to ends) then rinse like you would any normal conditioner until the water runs clear. I recommend towel dried hair because it allows the product to absorb into your hair and giving you a better final result. If I apply it directly onto wet hair it doesn't work as well for me.

Summing up Mr Fabuloso:  I think he is pretty FAB! I really recommend this as a great product because it preforms well, tones down brassy hair and is available in seven different shades to suit your hair colour.

EVO Fabuloso is available at Adore Beauty for $39.95 with free shipping (HERE!)

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