Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze And Glow Mask: The Fool Proof Beach Glow For Your Face

Charlotte Tilbury's Overnight Bronze And Glow Mask

Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Glow Face Mask checks all the boxes when it comes to facial tanning: it's natural looking, not streaky and it's nourishing for my skin. Probably one of the biggest reasons why it's so popular is how easy it is to apply as well as the streak free application and no self tanner scent: you just apply it before going to bed and you wake up with a slightly tanned glowing complexion without looking like an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Just like with most face tanners the application of the Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Glow Mask is quite similar, however the tan is buildable over a three day period. The Glow Face Mask is more of a gradual glow over three days; you don't need to be worried about the colour being too dark after the first application; the first night after application you wake up with a warm glow and if you prefer a darker tan then you can use it for up to three consecutive nights to achieve a darker more exotic tan.

Now this is a little different from your normal face self tanner; the beauty of this product is it's skincare combined with face tanning: it's genius! You just apply it like you would any night moisturiser and you are done! I was totally surprised in how natural the colour is; use it for one night and it's like you went away for the weekend , use it for three nights and it looks like you went to Spain for a holiday. I think it's great because it is totally customisable, and it's the perfect tan for any special occasion especially for brides-to-be because you really can't go wrong with it.

Now to the important bits: what is this product really all about? It contains nourishing blackcurrant seed oil that gives bio-mimetic condition to your skin, oat kernel extract to reduce redness and soothe skin and is ideal for anyone that wants a natural looking complexion. Yes please that's me! It's definitely a product that I will be repurchasing again in the future when mine runs out.

I'm not really surprised that I absolutely love this product. I can apply it a few times a week and it doesn't irritate or break my skin out. Charlotte Tilbury just seems to do no-wrong when it comes to makeup and skincare. It's easily my favourite face tanning product of the year so far!

Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Glow Face Mask is available in 50ml for $57 at Net-A-Porter.

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