The New KENZO World Fragrance For Women Review

Kenzo World Fragrance for women

This month you will notice with most of my blog posts there is a change-up in makeup, skincare and fragrances which I like to do when the warmer months arrive in Australia.

The spring sunshine in Australia has made me want to change my perfume from my winter heavy/spicy perfumes to a more fresh/ lighter fragrances. At the moment (and all through winter) my favourite fragrance has been Alien by Thierry Mugler but as always I am looking for new perfumes to add to my collection.

KENZO World fragrance 50ml costs €79.00

I was gifted the KENZO World fragrance for women at the launch in Sydney a while back and I can say that I really liked this scent from the get-go! This is the first ever fragrance designed by Kenzo's artistic directors Carlo Lim and Humberto Leon where they have incorporated fun and fashion into the bottle and scent. The fragrance has a blend of peony, jasmin and sparkling crystals of ambroxan. The bottle is a fashion statement on its own with the famous Kenzo eye seen on all angles on the bottle. It's made with black rubber on the lid, pink gold-tone metal and opaline.

For me this fragrance is bold (for it being floral) but I don't think its overpowering for day-time use. I will be wearing this during spring/summer because it has an energetic vibe to it (is that even a thing?) I know scents are individual, it's so hard to buy for myself let alone another person; it's all about going to the perfume counter, trying out a bunch until you get back home and notice an amazing scent coming from the tester paper in your handbag and then you know that's the one!!! It's how I know at least! If you like a fragrance that is sensual, modern and floral then I would definitely recommend testing this one out the next time you visit your local department store!

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