Makeup For Green Eyes

The ultimate green eyed beauty Adriana Lima

Did you know that only 2% of the worlds population is born with green eyes? That's why choosing shades that complement green eyes is a must in order to make sure one of your best features pops! Here are a few tips that I personally use when I want my eyes to be the centre of attention. As a general rule using colours that are opposite in the colour wheel will make your eyes stand out, however sometimes I like to break the rules and choose other shades that compliment green eyes.

Purple/Burgundy Toned Eyeshadow
It's no secret that purple eyeshadow and green eyes are the ultimate contrasting colour match that  makes green eyes pop. I like to wear purple eyeshadow in the evening and match it with a subtle nude lipstick (a nude lip makes this look modern where a red/pink will make it look dated). If wearing purple eyeshadow just isn't your jam than substituting the purple for a deep plum and burgundy tones will be just as effective and a lot less obvious. I am currently using Mac Burgundy Times Nine (here) palette.... it's one of my all time favourite palettes that combines burgundy, copper and brown shades.

Deep Purple Eyeliner
Deep purple liner is one of my favourite ways to incorporate a hue of purple into my eye look without being over-the-top. It takes very little effort and is a lot less dramatic than purple eyeshadow. Deep purple liner mimics black liner except that the purple contrasts my eyes a lot more as well as being not as harsh as black liner. I am currently loving Clinique Eyeliner in Intense Amethyst (here) and Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing Liner in Green Eyes.

Gold, Rust and Copper Eyeshadow
Although not on the opposite end of the colour wheel these shade are extremely flattering for green eyes. For those who know me know how much I love to wear warm gold, rust and copper tones on my eyelids because of the subtle enhancement it gives my green eyes. These shades are complimentary to green eyes and look more natural and more subtle than purples eyeshadow/liner does. The golden flecks in these shades picks up the golden hue in your eyes for a flattering effect.  I like the MAC Warm Palette (here)  for a huge selection of warm golden, bronze and copper shades.

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