Clinique Moisture Surge: The Gel Moisturiser

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

If you have oily or combination skin (like me) that gets oily in the tee-zone but quite dry and tight around the rest of your face then finding the right moisturiser can be quite difficult. I really don't like a heavy moisturiser because I feel like it's secretly clogging my pores and making me even oilier in the tee-zone. That's why I am constantly on the look out for something that is really light-weight but with enough moisture to help hydrate my skin.

I've been trying out the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief over the last few weeks, it's quite a unique formula in that it's not a regular moisturiser, its actually a light gel/cream which feels refreshing and very light on my skin. Once I apply it there is no waiting around for it to dry, my skin kind-of drinks it and there is no residue left over. It's marketed as a "light weight cream/gel that plumps skin for 24 hour hydration and is oil free". I like that it doesn't claim to be anti-ageing or perform miracles but just gives you the hydration your skin needs and I think it would be perfect for any age group. When it comes to my day-in-day-out skincare I like to keep it simple, I much prefer to use a hydrating moisturiser that allows my skin to breath without irritating my skin at all.

As you can see the Clinique Moisture Surge has a gel-like consistency and is very light-weight

If you happen to have extremely dry skin (or if your skin is extra tight due to environmental conditions) then this may not be enough moisture for you. You might require a thicker consistency cream which is a little heaver in texture. I know Charlotte Tibury makes an amazing heavy cream called Magic Cream which is a great makeup base or moisturiser for those with normal to dry skin providing a beautiful glowing complexion. My skin has always been normal to combination so when I try out heavier moisturisers they may be too heavy for my skin needs but could be perfect for the dryer skin types.

Clinique Moisture Surge is available for $60 at Clinique Online (here)

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