Shu Uemura Play Date Eye & Cheek Palette

     The Shu Uemura  2017 Spring/Summer range is inspired by the 70's and 80's makeup trends but with a modern twist.

I have been trying out quite a few of Shu Uemura product lately, and because this one really stood out to me in the last month I thought I would share it with you. 

There is something playful and girly about Shu Uemura products that I absolutely adore.
This limited edition palette, has made me fall in love with mauve/purple tones in a big way. I admit for a while I was stuck on warm neutrals, I even bought the Mac Warm Neutral palette (go-figure), partly because it was safe and I knew it complemented my skin tone. I wouldn't dare to dip my feet into the unknown, let alone to almost the opposite side of the colour wheel, but to my surprise.... being brave was worth it, it turns out purple and mauve isn't so scary after all and worked out to be pretty flattering for my green eyes and slightly olive skin tone.

The 2017 Play Date Eye & Cheek Palette in Pink Sundae is a limited edition palette (which means it's not part of the permanent line). Everything about the palette screams girly yet elegant with the packaging to the colour shades reminding me of my childhood.

The palette comes with three eyeshadows; deep purple mauve, light/medium pink, champagne and a very light pink blush. The blush shade is a fairly light pink and anyone with a skin tone darker than fair will find this blush to act more as a highlighter in my opinion, regardless it does give a nice (slightly frosted) glow to my cheeks that lasts for hours. I find that this palette overall has a beautiful smooth consistency, with the eyeshadows being overall more pigmented than the blush. The eyeshadows last well throughout the day and appear even more vibrant/long lasting with a eye shadow primer underneath.

This palette is part of their limited edition 2017 Spring Summer Collection which was released in February 2017.

Its still available at Shu Uemura (here) for $ 60 USD

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