The Face Sheet Mask Trend

                                            Face Sheet Mask trend is originally from Korea

If you have been on social media lately you may have noticed a new beauty trend of face sheet masks circulating the Internet. You know the one....the 24K Gold under eye patches and the bubbling charcoal face masks?

Typically this new beauty trend is a cotton face mask that is soaked in liquid based product that claims to attend to most skincare types and concerns.
For pure convenience its a genius idea, if I am travelling on a plane I would much prefer to carry one or two masks than a small jar of product. I also find it a fun and a relaxing way to pamper yourself whilst you are watching television or doing some work.

The masks address all different skin type concerns (there are quite a few to choose from), such as minimising puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles as well as masks for the face, eyes and feet.  Whist they don't replace your traditional face masks they are a beneficial way to add something new to your skincare routine which is quick and allows you to multitask at the same time!

Skin Republic Sheet Face Masks are available at Priceline (here) from $7.95

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