What To Keep In Your Handbag For Model Castings

If you are a current model or just a newbie to the modelling world be prepared as a model's day is never the same and neither are the castings!

It's literally like this....You can go to a hair casting in the morning, a underwear casting in the afternoon and a bridal one after that, this would be considered a normal day in the day and the life of a model. Not to mention the types of castings can be extremely unpredictable, then of course there are those last minute casting that your agency can ask you to go to.

The safest bet is to just be prepared as much as possible as clients and your booker wont accept a model who is not prepared, after all its your career and they like it when you are professional which in return gives you the best chance of booking the job and ultimately makes things easier for them!

These are some of my personal tips which I have used and found quite helpful
If you have any other questions please leave me a comment below, I'd love to answer them.

Heels Or Flats?

I have often been on castings that didn't require heels, such a TV commercial casting but I've often been ask to go to a last minute casting for Fashion Week whilst at a casting, so as a model taking a pair of nice simple black heels is important as well as casual shoes to change into whilst walking around the city. Walking around in heels all day is really uncomfortable as we already know (I still have blisters to prove it!) so keep your thongs (flip flops) or joggers in your bag always that way you can easily change into them on the go.

Makeup Bag Essentials!

Depending on the type of modelling you do and for this post I am concentrating on high fashion (runway and editorial) modelling a lot of makeup isn't all that necessary to carry with you. I know I was shocked too! However like those last minute castings its good to be prepared in case you have an unwanted pimple or if you didn't get much sleep the night before. I like to keep a good concealer in my bag to cover up under eye circles which is a must, powder and mascara are also important items for touch ups during the day. I would say ditch the red lipstick and strong highlighters as clients want to see the real you!

Hydrate And Re-fuel- Don't Miss This Step!

I can't tell you how many casting I've been to where there have been few hundred eager models at a single casting, (YIKES I know!! ) some casting take anywhere between 5 minutes and some may take a couple of hours. YES, you heard right a couple of hours!
I always keep a bottle of water and a few snacks like a protein bar or muesli bar in case I am a little hungry in between castings. That is that same for all photo shoots and jobs, because you never know when your lunch break will be and its vital to hydrate and not be hungry during your job and casting so that you are nice an happy when meeting the client and have the stamina for the job/casting.

Polished Locks

On most casting the agency or client will ask you to tie your hair up, I like to keep a neutral hair band around my wrist in case the client wants to see you with your hair up. Its actually quite common for them to ask you to do this as they want to see your face structure. A small hair brush is also great to keep with you especially if it has been windy or if you have been going to numerous castings that day. Being polished can sometimes give you that extra chance in booking a job or not!

Bikini/Nude Underwear

I know it can be a fuss adding an extra item or two to your already stocked handbag but it's well worth it because if you are booked for a last minute job or fitting you will be prepared with your own bikini, otherwise you might have to wear a standard bikini which they have in the clients office. I think its a good idea to ask your agency what casting you have for that day and if there is a chance of a swimwear casting or underwear casting where a black bikini is a must!

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