Marc Jacobs Cream Highlight In Spotlight Review

I am big fan of cream highlighters or just highlighters for my cheekbones in general.  I am forever searching for that perfect glow on my cheekbones that looks like a natural glow rather than a high shine on my cheeks. But with so many options on the market (and not so cheap options either ) it's quite difficult to choose between them!

I love the look of dripping candlelight on my skin....lets face it most of us do, that's why we buy a face highlighter in the first place. Now what can stop me from buying a highlighter is the un-even texture or artificial finish especially if its too glittery, or un-natural because yes a subtle candlight glow is totally natural! I actually like the look of a strong highlighter for those special evenings out when i am looking for that dramatic instagram highlight but for my day to day activities, going to dinner, or to work a fresh-natural look is what I'm all about.

Marc Jabobs Spotlight Illuminator stick is one of those must have products from his runway shows. If you have ever seen any of his fashion shows the models skin always looks radiant and fresh with a signature golden glow on the cheekbones...even if the rest of the makeup is edgy. Marc Jacobs  has done a fantastic job to create this little travel friendly stick which is easy enough for all of us non makeup artists to use and perfect the make artist who wants to create that effortless glow seen on the runway.

It is marketed as a universal shade that will suit both warm and cool skin tones. That may sound like a bit of a far fetched marketing promise but it is quite accurate because you can see the finely milled pigment which has both a golden pearl and silver which gives off a beautiful champagne golden instant dewy payoff that's both cool and warm toned. What I like about this product is that it's very wearable for a products which was influenced by high fashion (which has come off the runway) and the application is very smooth and dries to a dewy finish that has a little slip to it upon application which helps with movement of the product. The cream doesn't dry to a powder finish; more of a creamy-dewy finish so you will always have a glow and it will not settle into dry patches or fine lines. ( nobody wants to highlight those areas thanks!)
 If you have dry to normal skin you might really enjoy this highlighter stick, if you have tried Watts' up by Benefit the Marc Jacobs highlighter has much more slip and moisture compared to that cream highlighter stick.

The packaging is unique in a designer palm case with a roll up dial, you wont have to worry about it being bulky like a powder compact highlighter, it reminds me of a roll up deodorant which is fuss free and I can just throw into my makeup bag and not have to worry about it breaking and the lid stays on pretty well too. I'm overall really impressed with the product!

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