Healing your lips with Lanolips 101 Ointment

I have been seriously on the lookout for some kind of lip balm to help hydrate my lips that I can use both day and night.

The Lanolips 101 Ointment is certainly not a new product but it's the first time I have gotten my hands on it. It's a hydrating, nourishing and super intense ointment that kind of acts a little like magic, because it helps heal dry lips, dry patches, splitting cuticles, dry nasal passage ( especially after cold and flue season).

I really love using this as a gloss over any lipstick because it gives a lovely healthy shine that lasts and its actually good for your lips because it's 100% natural! (it has a thicker consistency than a Chapstick or lip balm but its very comfortable to wear).
Now lets talk about the good stuff: the scent; because lets face it because if I don't like the scent of a lip product I don't care how good it looks it just gets thrown in the pile and wont make it to my handbag!

These two are Peach and Strawberry that actually have the most amazing scent: the Peach smells like the fruit (not the artificial flavouring scent) and the Strawberry smells like a Strawberry milkshake, my personal favourite is the Strawberry which is such a shock to me as I typically find strawberry scent a bit strong but this one is just so delicious and I cant resist having it on my lips day and night!

There are some other really amazing flavours in the Lano range if you a curious, there is apple, banana and the original scent.

Now Lano has teamed up with the online store Net-a-Porter and offering this duo set- Peach and Strawberry(10g in each) as a limited edition due which costs $25 (AUD).


Made with Lanolin
NO Artificial Colours
NO Fragrances
NO Mineral Oil
NO Sulfates
No Petrolatum 
Against Animal Testing
Made In Australia

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