NEST Fragrance Launch For Sephora Australia: Sydney


I had the pleasure to attend a lovely cocktail event for the Launch of NEST Fine Fragrances for Sephora Australia recently. NEST has become one of the largest fragrance houses in the United States which was founded in 2005 by Laura Slatkin and now in November we finally can get our hands on these wonderful pure fragrances here in Australia. YAY!

At the event we had the opportunity to walk around the different bays where each perfume stood within its own mood board, the vibrant pictures set the ambience and mood for each fragrance and gave us an insight into the inspiration behind each one. What stood out to me is how different each perfume is and how there are no two fragrances alike, rather each one having a signature scent with a different story to tell. We were lucky enough to meet the lovely Laura who talked us through her inspirations and style of perfume creating, as well as the humble beginnings of how the brand first started.

Cocktails, mocktails and champagne and we were off sniffing and testing each and every fragrance. I was drawn to Indigo as my evening fragrance pick (which happened to be the number one best seller of the moment) and as my other favourite Nest fragrance pick Dahlia & Vines (which would be equivalent to my ultimate day time fragrance) because it's a lot softer and subtle than Indigo. It's really quite interesting how we all like something different when it comes to perfume. As I was chatting to some of the other girls... I noticed how scent is so personal and the power it has to change and uplift your whole mood. We all have different taste when it comes to perfume and it was an insightful evening getting to know what people liked and loved about certain fragrances ....I would definitely say this experience has inspired me to try out different perfumes in the future!

Nest Fragrance list which will be available at Sephora Australia this November

Indigo: Aromatic.Myserious.Warm

Midnight Fleur: Intoxicating.Sensual.Bold

Paradise: Vibrant.Sparkling.Luminous

Dahlia & Vines: Classic.Romantic.Elegant

Citrine: Bright.Refreshing.Sparkeling


White Sandlewood: Exotic.Sophisticated.Warm

Nest Fragrance Collection


Laura Slatkin talks about her brand Nest Fragrances


Dahlia & Vines Fragrance by Nest Fragrances

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