Be Good To Your Hair with Invisi Bobble Hair Rings


Each box contains three hair rings made with a eco-friendly material that doesn't grab your hair.

If you are like me and tie your hair up most days then you will also be over any hair ties that give you a headache and pull out your hair! Invisi Bobble is an innovative hair ring/tie that is marketed as a 'traceless hair ring' that comes in a wide range of eye-catching colours. These hair rings have many benefits in protecting you hair from unwanted headaches, prevents split ends and suits all hair types. Not to mention the design is adorable and reminds me of an old telephone cord that can also be worn as a bracelet for those just in case moments where you need to tie you hair up!

What is sooo fantastic is that all hair types are covered as you can choose one that suits your personal hair needs such as 'Power' for a strong hold grip or 'Nano' for fine hair or small pony tails. I love that its comfortable to wear all day and once you remove it from your hair it goes back into its original shape ready to wear for next time! There are so many beautiful colours to choose from in the range from pastel oranges to crystal clear and they are fun to collect.... and I think are perfect stocking filler for this Christmas!

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  1. I have the headache when hair is up problem! So I'll definitely look into these :)