3 Face Brightening Lipsticks


Charlotte Tilbury in So Marilyn

I have raved on about this lipstick in the past because everything about it is amazing! I love  how the colour suits a lot of skin tones and how i can wear this in summer and in winter. The texture is smooth,creamy and without being completely matte giving the lips a slight pretty sheen. It is a little pricey but i can honestly say that i end up wearing this on most nights out as it looks beautiful so i consider it a good investment.

Rimmel in Pink A Punch

I think the name represents the colour quite well, it really does pack a punch! It's a gorgeous bright pink that lights up your face on those days when you are feeling tired or your skin is feeling a little dull. It's the brightest colour from these three lipsticks with extremely long-lasting power!

Avon Beyond Colour in Powder Trip

A pink based red that is so smooth to apply and contains SPF 15 Sunscreen. That is such a bonus if you are out during the day to have a SPF in your lipstick so that your lips don't become dry and damaged by the sun. With just a minimal eye look this lipstick transforms the whole look giving you instant awakeness in a tube! Love Love Love!


Bottom Left: Charlotte Tilbury

Bottom Right: Avon


  1. They look so gorgeous! You should do swatches or makeup looks with them too :)
    Love your review <3

  2. Thanks lovely! I will definitely have to do that for the next one :)